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I am using modus tool box but I cant find the Scene Server Example. Is it implemented in the mesh sdk(Mesh_Demo_21304 - v 2.0.0)?


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Sorry the link you have shared has Scene Client but not scene server. I am looking for scene Server.

Did I miss anything?



Scene server model is implemented in many of these applications. There is no independent application for scene server alone, since this model is used to process the scene of each elements. For example, if you look mesh_onoff_server app, the definition of WICED_BT_MESH_MODEL_ONOFF_SERVER is:


* Mesh OnOff Server Device.

* The model is used as a base for multiple other models.  This device is typically not used standalone.  The closest

* is Power OnOff Device which adds on power up behavior to the device and then can be used standalone.



    { MESH_COMPANY_ID_BT_SIG, WICED_BT_MESH_CORE_MODEL_ID_GENERIC_DEFTT_SRV, wiced_bt_mesh_model_default_transition_time_server_message_handler, NULL, NULL }, \

   { MESH_COMPANY_ID_BT_SIG, WICED_BT_MESH_CORE_MODEL_ID_SCENE_SRV, wiced_bt_mesh_model_scene_server_message_handler, NULL, NULL }, \

    { MESH_COMPANY_ID_BT_SIG, WICED_BT_MESH_CORE_MODEL_ID_SCENE_SETUP_SRV, wiced_bt_mesh_model_scene_setup_server_message_handler, NULL, NULL }, \

    { MESH_COMPANY_ID_BT_SIG, WICED_BT_MESH_CORE_MODEL_ID_SCHEDULER_SRV, wiced_bt_mesh_model_scheduler_server_message_handler, NULL, NULL }, \

    { MESH_COMPANY_ID_BT_SIG, WICED_BT_MESH_CORE_MODEL_ID_SCHEDULER_SETUP_SRV, wiced_bt_mesh_model_scheduler_setup_server_message_handler, NULL, NULL }, \

    { MESH_COMPANY_ID_BT_SIG, WICED_BT_MESH_CORE_MODEL_ID_GENERIC_ONOFF_SRV, wiced_bt_mesh_model_onoff_server_message_handler, wiced_bt_mesh_model_onoff_server_scene_store_handler, wiced_bt_mesh_model_onoff_server_scene_recall_handler }