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New Contributor II

Are there any code snippets or guidance notes for adding a switch to the Mesh-Snip-CYBT-343026_1.mesh_onoff_client in MT 2.1?

I'd like to use P0/P34(C8) or this.

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New Contributor II

Thanks - I now have multiple mesh devices setup using 343026 and 213043 EVKs.

The challenge is I cannot find any devices using the ClientControlMesh app running on Windows10.

I have set up and tested a Provisioner on both 213043 and 343026 boards using the correct baud rate (3000000 and 115200 respectively) and created and opened the network using the latest .exe from Github and from the btsdk.../VS_ClientControl directory in MTB 2.1.

But when I scan for un-provisioned devices, nothing is found. However I can immediately see all devices when  using the iOS MeshApp.

Please could you advise?





So I believe, you have a board with mesh_provision_client application and you have opened the HCI port of i on MeshClientcontrol.

You can create a network and open it, but unable to scan for unprovisioned devices. Please correct me if I am wrong about your issue.

Are you able to scan&provision the device using IOS mesh app?

Small check list I can suggest is:

  • You should use 3000000 for 20819 and 115200 for 213043.
  • It may take few seconds to detect the un-provisioned devices and the time taken for it varies depending upon the signal strength.
  • Please ensure that Un-provisionednodes are advertising in the range of the mesh_provision_client device. (You can confirm it by checking the device traces)

The steps you can follow for testing is as follows:

  • Re-program mesh_provision_client on the board.  (Please start logging the device trace)
  • Also program light_dimmable mesh demo app as an unprovisioned device to be provisioned. (Please start logging the device trace)
  • Open ClientControlMesh.exe (Goto "wiced_btsdk\tools\btsdk-host-apps-mesh\VS_ClientControl\Release"  and delete all the teporarly generated files except ClientControlMesh.exe. Then open ClientControlMesh.exe)
  • Create a new network and open it.
  • Click on "Scan unprovisioned" button, select the required listed device and then click on "Provision and Configure" button.
  • It may take 15-20 seconds to provision and configure the device. After that the provisioned device will appear on the clientcontrolmesh so that you can control it.

Please log the device traces  of both the devices using teraterm (or any terminal emulation program) and share it with us.

Please note: Use the latest BTSDK (v2.5) for testing.