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Dear All,

We are going to use the PUART not HCI UART due to security reasons.

So we need to update our F/W through PUART.

I could find the OTA upgrade application but there is no PUART updating application.

Could you let me know how to update F/W through PUART?

My SDK version "" and Modus toolbox version 1.1.

(Because we are using a custom library that is built in that version.)



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Please refer to the following document. It is for 20819/20820. The 89820 is similar with them. Cypress supplies the API to initial the NVRAM, receive data and retrieve data from NVRAM. You need to develop your own code to upgrade with puart.

btsdk-docs/WICED-Firmware-Upgrade-Library.pdf at master · cypresssemiconductorco/btsdk-docs · GitHub

Hi Owen,

Thanks for your response and I had some questions regarding this.

First of all, I implement the 89820 PUART F/W update code using the below process.

1. initializing with "wiced_ota_fw_upgrade_init(null, null, null)"

2. image handling with "ota_fw_upgrade_image_data_handler"

3. verify using "ota_fw_upgrade_verify" - returned success

4. Call "wiced_firmware_upgrade_finish"

If verify is completed, then call the "wiced_firmware_upgrade_finish". But there is a crash after calling that API.

I will verify the downloaded image but I want to know my work is correct or not.

1. Are that APIs working correctly when I use the PUART F/W update?

    - Such as "wiced_ota_fw_upgrade_init", "ota_fw_upgrade_image_data_handler"

2. Could you let me know how to debug this thing?

    - image compare and next step?