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I started developing BLE mesh network using CYBT-213043-MESH dev kit & i am stuck on choosing the suitable gateway hardware that allow me to pub/sub the network devices to AWS IoT so i can monitor/control them anywhere through AWS ioT core.

What hardware kit i need to use? does Bluetooth Wiced Studio has a firmware/stack for it?

i appreciate if tutorials/resources are there so i can read & learn.



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Hi AbBa_4336446​,

Cypress has developed a 'mesh IOT gateway' application and it will be released in the next Mbed SDK release (https://www.cypress.com/products/modustoolbox-software-environment#tabs-0-bottom_side-5 ).  Please wait for the release to know more information about the implementation and tutorials.

mesh_gateway_proxy application that you get along with the modustoolbox can be used in the BT side of the gateway node. But it is needede to develop the host side code and also WiFi (non bluetooth technoogy) implementation.

BLE mesh Gateway node consist of BT (which will communicate with mesh network) as well as WiFi (enable to get a gateway access) portions (non-bt).  Also your host should be able to communicate with the BT chip with proper commands (HCI commands).

The mesh packet that you are getting on the gateway node through WiFi will be pushed to the BT side as coded in the host and BT side will communicate to the remaining nodes in the mesh network.