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Yay Team!

Yay Team!

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Work has its ups and downs, as we all know. I've been pretty seriously under water the past couple of weeks working on the PSoC 64 Secure MCU. I have not had time for creating another blog post. Yet here I am. This one will be really short.


I want to welcome some of our Bangalore-based engineers to the software blog! I've worked with this team for years now, and they are outstanding. Their technical skills put mine to shame. We have worked together on various projects, and the end result of those are in our tools, our technical collateral, and in your hands.


Our AnyCloud platform is a perfect example of the ModusToolbox modularity I've been talking about, here Monolithic vs. Modular​  and here, We Did It Your Way. We see a customer need, we solve it. To do that, we used the common, foundational tools and libraries that already exist in ModusToolbox software. On top of that we add domain specific libraries to address particular needs. So AnyCloud isn't an entirely new SDK, it is a solution-specific extension of our common base. That is brilliant. I'm sorry, I know I work here and I'm therefore prejudiced, but I've been at this a long, long time, and this is (IMHO) an objectively excellent design. Your mileage may vary.


So, have fun exploring! If you are interested in working with the cloud, and want a solution that does not depend upon any individual solution like AWS or Pelion  (we've got those covered too), then... within the AnyCloud solution:


So YAY TEAM! Welcome aboard the blogging bus.