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RAM: Introduction for RAM Memory Products

RAM: Introduction for RAM Memory Products

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Welcome to our Memory Solutions blog space! We’ll be posting here on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep you updated on RAM new product alerts, what’s trending and to give you a chance to ask questions, leave replies and interact with the experts here at Infineon and in our Community.

To better understand Infineon Non-volatile RAM products, feel free to jump over to our detailed pages on F-RAM and nvSRAM. At a high-level, these products combine non-volatile data storage with the high performance of RAM, an essential combination when critical data storage is needed cases such as a power outage. To dig in just a little here in our first outreach to the community, these RoHS-compliant memories offer high endurance, data retention of over 10 years at 85 °C and instant non-volatility without external battery back-up, enabling system reliability and cost reduction.

We’ve done the research for you! We have the industry’s lowest-power nonvolatile memory. How is this done you ask? Well, we combine ultra-low-power operation with high-speed interfaces, instant nonvolatility and unlimited read/write cycle endurance. Feel free to jump over and check it out in our new release of Excelon™. We designed Excelon™ to be the ideal data-logging memory for portable medical, wearable, IoT sensor, industrial and automotive applications.

Looking for Industrial applications? You’ve come to the right spot! MoBL® Asynchronous SRAMs with on-chip ECC are suitable for industrial systems that require the highest standards of reliability and performance. In battery-backed systems, these SRAMs extend battery life with best-in-class standby currents of 6.5µA (at 85 °C) for an 8Mbit SRAM. Coupled with soft-error rates of < 0.1 FIT/Mb, these Ultra-Low-Power SRAMs are employed in a variety of applications.

Are you also looking for High Performance, reliability product? Infineon has the industry’s broadest Sync SRAM portfolio with more than 2,300 different products. Rated #1 for performance and reliability, these products have industry leading Random Transaction Rate (RTR up to 2132 MT/s), FIT rates (less than 0.01 FIT/Mb) and innovative new features such as on-chip Error Correction Code (ECC). Infineon Sync SRAM products are suitable for systems running mission critical applications such as switches and routers, RADAR and signal processing, test equipment, automotive and military.

Here's a bit of a history lesson, we first introduced our Random Access Memory in 1982 and are celebrating 38 years of leadership in the discrete memory semiconductor industry. Today, we offer our customers the highest performance and reliability NOR Flash, SRAM, nvSRAM and F-RAM with discrete memory densities ranging from 4 Kbit to 1 Gbit. We hope to get you involved in the discussion here as we want to remain the industry leader in discrete memory semiconductors for decades to come.

Learn more about our Persistent RAM memories

We’ve spent decades refining our memory products and solutions and also offer a broad portfolio of HyperRAMTM  2.0 High speed, low-pin-count, self-refresh Dynamic RAM (DRAM) for high-performance embedded systems requiring expansion memory.

If you’re not familiar with the product details, HyperRAM 2.0 offers HyperBus™ and Octal SPI interfaces that draw upon the legacy features of both parallel and serial interface memories, while enhancing system performance and ease of design, as well as reducing system cost.

Learn more about HyperRAM 2.0 Memory – Self-refresh DRAM


We hope to hear your thoughts on any or all of our RAM products and solutions below. Don’t be shy, send us a reply below on any of our products or solutions and we’ll be happy to share our expertise!

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