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PROFET™ Load Guard: Future-Proof Power Switch

PROFET™ Load Guard: Future-Proof Power Switch

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In a world increasingly reliant on sophisticated electronics, the need for intelligent power management solutions has never been more crucial. This need is particularly important because they regulate and optimize the power supply for electronic devices, ensuring their peak performance while minimizing energy usage, reducing costs, and preventing potential damage or failure. Whether it's protecting sensitive equipment, ensuring efficient power distribution, or simple wire protection, the PROFET™ Load Guard emerges as the ultimate choice for a wide range of applications. With its features the PROFET™ Load Guard is a flexible solution for the power distribution architectures of the future.

A multifaceted solution

One of the standout features of the PROFET™ Load Guard is its ability to serve a broad spectrum of use cases. It excels in load supply protection, power supply protection and load control and self-protection, making it a versatile and indispensable component in various applications.

1. Load supply protection

Switching loads with capacitive elements can lead to high inrush currents, which can endanger sensitive components like e.g. Power-over-Coax (PoC) filters. The load supply protection use case focuses on preserving the load infrastructure connected to the switch's output. The PROFET™ Load Guard excels in this role by:

  • Providing adjustable overcurrent protection for sensitive loads, such as PoC filters
  • Preventing overload of the local DC-DC power supply

The adjustable overcurrent limitation in PROFET™ Load Guard controls high inrush currents, protecting sensitive loads like ECUs. This feature can be tailored to specific load current requirements, adding configurability to the system for variant handling.

Moreover, the PROFET™ Load Guard implements the Capacitive Load Switching (CLS) mode. This allows it to switch capacitors safely, even in applications with high capacitive loads, ensuring both load supply and sensitive components are protected.

V_Makantasi_2-1701685454642.pngFigure 1: Protection of load supply infrastructure for sensor applications

2. Power supply protection

A dependable power supply is critical for the smooth operation of advanced electronic systems. The power supply protection use case focuses on isolating failures in loads from the power supply side to maintain a stable energy source for safety-critical functions. The PROFET™ Load Guard:

  • Ensures fast failure isolation for power supply protection
  • Offers adjustable power supply protection
  • Supports ASIL system level safety requirements for load disconnection and connection of fail-operational load

The adjustable overcurrent limitation is important in preventing excessive current consumption during failure events and protecting the local DC-DC power supply from overloading due to short circuits on the load.

V_Makantasi_1-1701685365143.pngFigure 2: Failure isolation from loads towards the power side

3. Load control and self-protection (LCSP)

Traditionally, PROFET™ devices have been used for load control and self-protection. The PROFET™ Load Guard continues this tradition by offering long-lasting performance, capable of handling various types of loads, whether resistive, inductive, or capacitive. Key attributes that set it apart in this regard include:

  • High number of switching cycles and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) capability
  • Embedded self-protection mechanisms
  • Advanced diagnostic functions
  • Low leakage current when in OFF state

In addition, the PROFET™ Load Guard’s CLS mode enables to handle large capacitors quickly and safely, without the need for extra circuitry or over-dimensioning of the smart power switch. As the device stays in safe operating area during CLS mode, the system becomes more robust.

V_Makantasi_3-1701685490105.pngFigure 3: In CLS mode the capacitive load gets charged by pumping while the device stays in safe operating area

4. Wire protection

With the shift towards decentralized power distribution networks, conventional fuses are no longer sufficient to protect wires from overheating. The wire protection use case aims to safeguard each wire in the power distribution system against overloads and overheating. The PROFET™ Load Guard demonstrates its effectiveness by:

  • Protecting wires against over-heating (ΔT°)
  • Enabling different wire protection levels for various wires
  • Meeting ASIL requirements for failure disconnection

The adjustable overcurrent limitation feature plays a pivotal role in simple wire protection. By limiting the current to a safe level based on the cable's maximum temperature capability, the PROFET™ Load Guard prevents wire damage due to overheating for time independent loads. This enhances safety and eliminates the need for over-dimensioning wires, leading to more efficient power distribution.

V_Makantasi_4-1701685659387.pngFigure 4: Protect and diagnose the wires in the power distribution system


In conclusion, the PROFET™ Load Guard is a versatile and dependable solution for various power management challenges. Its features, configurability, and compatibility with a range of applications make it an ideal choice for modern power distribution architectures. Whether you need to safeguard your power supplies, or manage your loads efficiently, the PROFET™ Load Guard is a reliable and adaptable option that ensures the integrity and reliability of your power distribution architecture. It's a smart choice for the evolving landscape of power management.

To learn more about PROFET™ Load Guard, visit the PROFET™ Load Guard family page.