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NOR: Updated chipset pairing guides on Infineon website

NOR: Updated chipset pairing guides on Infineon website

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Are you looking for an Infineon memory that is qualified with a particular chipset partner such as nVidia Automotive ADAS SoC? Or with a Xilinx FPGA? Or maybe an Ambarella Automotive Camera SoC?

Well then look no further as the Memory Solutions ecosystem team works continuously with semiconductor manufacturers worldwide to qualify Infineon memories with partner chipsets. Chipset partners get early access to Infineon products and dedicated support to qualify Infineon memories on their boards. Collaborating with Chipset partners is our top priority by giving customers early availability of product samples, regular product and market updates, insights into new memory technologies and dedicated resources.

Through those relationships, Infineon is building an ecosystem that promotes connections and co-development efforts that lead to better solutions for our customers. These efforts result in a pairing chart that provides a mapping of Infineon memory products with the chipset partner product portfolio.

Infineon Memory Solutions Pairing Guides are available on the Infineon website for more than 20 chipset partners. The pairing guides are organized by memory type (QSPI NOR, x8 SPI NOR, RAM…) and have been updated to reflect the most recent SEMPER™ NOR Flash qualifications.

Reply below if you have any questions are want to engage with a memory Solution expert.