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NOR: Introduction for Parallel and Serial NOR FLASH Memory Products

NOR: Introduction for Parallel and Serial NOR FLASH Memory Products

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Welcome to our Memory Solutions blog space! We’ll be posting here on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep you updated on NOR Flash new product alerts, what’s trending and to give you a chance to ask questions, leave replies and interact with the experts here at Infineon and in our Community.

We take our position in the market place very seriously, setting the industry-standard in excellence, reliability and performance, offering the broadest portfolio of high performance Parallel NOR and Serial NOR products. 

We’ll of course dig deeper with discussions on specs and highlights of these two products in later posts, but to fully appreciate our Parallel NOR Flash Memory is to understand it is designed to provide fast random access read performance and high bandwidth. We offer standard, simultaneous read/write, burst, and page mode Parallel NOR products. Infineon is recognized as the most trusted supplier of Parallel NOR Flash solutions in the market and that we would love for you to get involved and reply below with any questions you might have about what we have to offer or how we can help you with your project.

Looking for a smaller form factor with a reduced pin count?  We also offer a broad portfolio of Reduced-Pin-Count (RPC) Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) NOR FLASH Memory Products. Our SPI NOR FLASH makes it easy to find the ideal solution for your embedded system. The industry standard Quad SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) is simple to use and is supported by virtually all modern chipsets.  Need more information on how to reduce your overall system development and integration cost? Reply below and we’ll tell you what we know.

If your specific needs lie in the Automotive or Industrial space, our Semper NOR FLASH line of products should be an integral part of your build. Put simply, your safety is our number-one priority and our NOR flash technology prevents accidents. That's why all of our high-density Semper™ NOR flash memory devices exceed automotive quality, functional safety requirements, and are engineered to last.

The Semper NOR Flash Memory Family is Infineon’s newest high-performance, safe, and reliable NOR Flash memory solution that integrates critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems. With Semper NOR Flash Memory, Infineon introduces the industry's first ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D-ready NOR Flash memory. We encourage you to register for the Semper Access Program (AP) or ask us questions about it below.

We hope to hear your thoughts on any or all of our NOR Flash products and solutions below. Don’t be shy, send us a reply below on any of our products or solutions and we’ll be happy to share our expertise, so get involved!