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NOR: Flash Memory Products Longevity Program

NOR: Flash Memory Products Longevity Program

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When it comes to designing in memory, developers are always asking, “How long will this memory product be supported?” It’s an important question.  One we want to address in our always-updated Infineon Flash Memory Products Longevity Guide created for your convenience.

What does the Longevity Guide provide you ask? We’ve made sure to include information on the availability of NOR product families for up to 10 years. Product longevity is assured by offering products which are form, fit and function compatible in terms of core features which include command set, mechanical package, pin-out, density, voltage, and temperature range.

This catalog will be updated periodically to reflect the addition of new products to our portfolio. Our last addition to this catalog was the Semper Secure family of products.

Note that this Longevity Guide does not indicate End-of-Life for products. Instead, this catalog documents representative MPNs for each product group and how long they will be supported. If any MPNs are discontinued, customers will be notified through our Product Obsolescence Notification process.

Have queries with your design regarding memory? Or just want to ask us about our memory options? Please reply below.