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MWC 2022: Let's unleash the power of the IoT

MWC 2022: Let's unleash the power of the IoT

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In context of this years’ MWC, we offer a series of online sessions around unleashing the power of the IoT.



Are you ready for this years' Mobile World Congress? We have new #IoT solutions waiting for you to discover! Register now and discover our #IoT solutions in a new IoT session series.

You can look forward to exciting insights on the latest IoT technology trends: versatile IoT sensors, such as the REAL3™ time-of-flight sensor, that help make devices smarter, more intuitive, and more responsive; robust security solutions like the OPTIGA™ Trust M that build trust in the digital world; and technologies that enhance the user experience. So they can focus on what really matters.

Read more & register on www.infineon.com/mwc 

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