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Introducing the Developer Documentation Platform

Introducing the Developer Documentation Platform

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Hello Community Members,

We just received an important tool announcement message that we want to share with you. This pertains to specific use cases but will broaden with adoption. 

Here is the launch information from the team:

If you use PSoC® 6 with AnyCloud on ModusToolbox™ and are tired of trying to find all the documentation you need, the Developer Documentation platform was made for you. We listened to you that while the documentation itself is good, you have to look in too many places to get through a project. With this feedback, the IoT team has been working to make your life easier!

Just for you, we created an on-line “book” that brings together the full range of documents you need in one convenient, searchable place.  Whether you want to flip through Getting Started with ModusToolbox, dive into the API reference for the PSoC 6 HAL libraries, or understand the details of the CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT BSP document for the Pioneer Kit sitting on your desk, it’s all in one place.


We want you to be comfortable and productive when developing with our solutions.  If you were to pull back the curtain, you would find the team has been working with the popular open source Sphinx documentation platform and the Read the Docs theme to bring together our PSoC 6, ModusToolbox and AnyCloud documents… about 250 different documents from PDFs, the Doxygen source documentation, and code examples in GitHub… all into an intuitive and familiar interface.


Want to get the QSPI configured but can’t be bothered to find all the documents referencing it? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive search for all documents in the book. Do a quick QSPI search and find the guides, interface documents, and examples you need to get your work done.





To make sure you have the latest information, our expert support team will be adding updates, additions, and clarifications to the online documentation in real-time as they respond to questions from our developer community site. As always, when you have a question, our Community is ready to help. You’ll find a handy link into the ModusToolbox AnyCloud developer community from the top of the Developer Document page. If we notice that something is best answered in the document, we’ll add a note or warning directly in-line, where the information is the most useful and feed those changes directly back to our software team to make the next release even better.

We’re always looking for the best ways to make developing with our products easier and if you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them. And we’re looking at what our next Developer Documentation book should be. Have some ideas? Please let us know in the comments!

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