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Infineon brings trust to the healthcare of the future

Infineon brings trust to the healthcare of the future

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The world is changing faster and faster, and health care is changing with it. The family doctor who made house calls has given way to real-time online diagnosis, treatment histories stored in the cloud and even “predictive medicine”. Everything has changed, except: The need for trust.

Smart health brings substantial advantages. When the predictive power of Big Data is applied to health care, the result is predictive medicine. This technological breakthrough offers the ability to foresee certain ailments and events based for example on health data collected through smartphones and wearables. Examples abound: A wearable device not only reminds the diabetic patient when to administer insulin; in addition, data collected on the patient's blood sugar levels, when stored and analyzed by a cloud service, can reveal patterns that improve treatment and make everyday life more comfortable. Heart rate information from a fitness bracelet not only helps optimize the wearer's workout, the data could also be analyzed for signs of a far-off but avoidable cardiac event. Home healthcare appliances stay directly in touch with supervising medical professionals.

Of course, all of these opportunities also entail certain risks. The long service life and complex but critical nature of health care IT systems makes security difficult. The high cost of keeping these complex systems constantly on par with security advances can be prohibitive. And with the high number of health care service providers in the market, widely varying levels of security expertise and preparedness are inevitable. Another issue is authentication of patients and providers, which is increasingly digital and remote.

Infineon’s range of hardware security products addresses these risks head-on by providing a variety of capabilities suited for various applications. Infineon’s SECORA™ ID security solutions can secure patient and provider identity. The SECORA™ ID portfolio offers a broad range of security solutions for applications requiring the most flexible and reliable electronic ID documents and access cards.

For IoT products, PSoC™ 6 bridges the gap between expensive, power-hungry application processors and low performance microcontrollers (MCUs).  PSoC™ 64 product line features out-of-box security functionality, providing an isolated root-of-trust with true attestation and provisioning services. In addition, it delivers a pre-configured secured execution environment which supports system software for various IoT platforms; and enables TLS authentication, secured storage, and secured firmware management. Built-in security protects your IoT system.

Infineon’s OPTIGA™ family of security products offer more specialized features that can be used to establish a "Hardware Root of Trust" with exactly the features needed for your application. With such a wide spectrum of security solutions, Infineon products are widely used to secured Smart Health systems from the home to the clinic and hospital and beyond to cloud applications and services.

When it comes to keeping pace with the rapidly changing health care world, look for Infineon products to focus on the one thing that never changes: The need for trust in an increasingly connected IoT world. As highlighted above, Infineon’s security products provide the solid foundation needed to earn and build trust. When our customers deploy the entire suite of Infineon products, they make IoT work.

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