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How to download general ROM patch in BTSDK platforms

How to download general ROM patch in BTSDK platforms

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Many of us wanted to interact with the BT controller over HCI interface from an external host while developing an application or debugging/testing the controller. One classic example is, when performing RF regulatory testing on the BT controller.  Before using the controller, we should ensure that the latest patches for the controller (ROM code) is present in the chip. The patches to ROM code will modify its behaviour and fix bugs. There are two methods to download the latest patch to your chip which I have explained below. To explain the it I have taken CYW20719 chip as an example and the SDK version is BTSDK v3.1.

Method 1 - Download the general patch using CyBluetool.

  1. Get the latest patch file (patch.cgs) from internal patch folder. 
    In github,  patch.cgs is located in,
    In SDK, patch.cgs is located in,
  2. Get the 20719_OCF.btp (or suitalbe .btp file for your platform) file from platform file of CYW20719. This .btp file contains the device preset for the 20719 serial flash which will be used by the build/download tool.
    In github, it is located in,
    In SDK, it is located in, 
  3. To download the patch, we can use CyBluetool. From the CyBlueTool Tools menu, select Firmware Download. In the Firmware Download window, Select correct HCI UART COM port, baudrate, .btp file, .cfg file, etc as shown below and Click Download. Tool will return a success message if download is complete.


Method 2 - Download an empty application from the SDK and get the patches along with it
1) Get the latest Modustoolbox IDE from  https://www.cypress.com/products/modustoolbox 
2) Import a empty btsdk application for your platform (CYW20719), and modify the source file (.c) with below code.

#include "sparcommon.h"

3) Build and program the application to the board. This will download all the required latest patches along with an empty application. 


FYI. Listed few useful links below.