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How does eSIM secure your device?

How does eSIM secure your device?

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While reading about eSIM everywhere on the internet, I thought why companies opted for this secure-element? To find the answer, I did a little research and got to know that eSIM has some security features enabled which makes the devices secured. Today, I will discuss about how eSIMs are more secure than physical SIMs.

Let’s see what are the main security features of eSIM and how eSIMs rule over physical SIM cards. Below are security-related advantages of eSIM, that enables manufactures as well as users to opt eSIM (shown in figure below).

Shreya_1-1699469842907.pngFigure 1. Security-related advantages of eSIM

What are the advantages of eSIM?

  1. Security Algorithms: eSIM uses security algorithms like SHA-1, SHA-256 and MD5 hash algorithms, which makes it difficult for attackers to access and extract sensitive information from the eSIM. While in physical SIM cards used A3, GSM, RAND algorithms which are easy to hack in modern days.
  2. Forgery-proof: Since eSIMs are embedded into the device directly, making it tamper-resistant, these SIMs are more secure compared to the tradition SIM cards. Traditional SIM cards can be removed or stolen easily, and that might lead to frauds or forgery.
  3. Remote provision: Customers do not need to swap between different physical SIM cards, as eSIMs provide remote provisioning option. One can easily switch to their preferred network or plan with eSIM. There is no need for porting between various networks and your network details remains secured with you rather than being distributed among the customer support people.
  4. Communication: eSIMs use HTTPS, SSL & TLS, which are secure communication protocols. This secure communication helps in securing the data transmitted between handset (device using eSIM) and network provider.
  5. Additional controls: eSIMs are manufactured in controlled environments accredited by the GSMA after comprehensive security audits of the production site. Hence, audits make sure that your data is confidential and is stored in your eSIM application with only you.

Final thoughts on eSIM

Overall, eSIM technology offers several security benefits over traditional SIM cards. However, it is still important for mobile network providers and device manufacturers to implement and maintain strong security measures to protect against potential vulnerabilities and risks. Also, Infineon’s embedded SIM solutions are available in different quality grades and form factors to meet individual deployment requirements. To know more about Infineon’s OPTIGA™ Connect – turnkey eSIM security solutions, check the link.