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Enjoy the Summer, but don’t forget to mark your calendar…

Enjoy the Summer, but don’t forget to mark your calendar…

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We hope you all had a great school year and have a refreshing summer! Congratulations to those of you who have graduated, and good luck next year if your still on your academic journey. I invite you to continue following Cypress as we introduce new products and innovatively solve problems. We will be sharing lots of updates and ideas that will be useful in your senior designs, careers, and future projects. 

We have partnered with Electromaker to run this years BLE Mesh design contest and have already received many exciting entries from students, makers, and professionals. You can find out more here: Cypress Bluetooth 5 IoT Design Contest Launched!

If you missed the proposal phase it’s not too late! You can still enter the contest by purchasing your own kit and posting the entry per the official contest rules.



Feel free to share updates and a picture of your final design here. The team and community members would love to see your progress and results.

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Until next time C. U. A. round!