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Dual Core Design Challenge for PSoC™62 and ModusToolbox™

Dual Core Design Challenge for PSoC™62 and ModusToolbox™

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Hi everyone and welcome back!
On today's blog you will get informed about Infineon & Element14's dual core design contest. Keep reading to find out more!

First, I want to give you a quick background. In my early days of real-time computer programming, I quickly realized that I had to learn more about multi-processing on a single processor and how to write code to support it. We know that multi-processing is a simple concept, but it is quite difficult to develop for.

From my experience, a project is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of an issue. So, in order to gain more knowledge in this subject, I created a simple game called “Zamboni”. During the game, you drive a Zamboni (an ice resurfacer) to clear and smooth the ice at an ice hockey rink while the fans throw garbage onto the ice. In order to win the game, your goal is to clean up the rink's trash so that the hockey game can start on time.

Driving the Zamboni in this video game is a fantastic example of how multi-processing can be used to manage both real-time inputs (driving the Zamboni) and asynchronous activities (fans throwing garbage onto the ice). The actual development of this game could have benefited from multiple processor cores to perform the unrelated tasks.

Unleashing the power of dual cores

To simplify multiprocessing, Infineon offers the PSoC™ 62 microcontroller family with dual processing cores: Arm® Cortex®-M0+ and Arm Cortex-M4 cores. Learning how to use both processor cores simultaneously can be difficult, but it's a great learning opportunity. Infineon's latest version, ModusToolbox™ 3.0, provides a complete set of software tools designed specifically for multiple cores to support your code.

Join the Design Challenge

You are warmly invited to explore multi-core processing and discover the benefits they can provide for your application development. Infineon, in cooperation with Element14, has launched a design competition to encourage the development of multi-core applications utilizing ModusToolbox 3.0 and the PSoC 62 dual core processor.

On to the exciting part, there are some fantastic prizes for the best utilization of the dual cores. All that is required from you is to:

Don’t forget: Applications for free hardware kits (PSoC 62S4 Pioneer Kit) will be accepted until November 24, 2022, so hurry up.

Next steps:

And now, the floor is yours!