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Digital trends for smart home and smart health

Digital trends for smart home and smart health

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IoT technologies have become so ubiquitous that we donʼt even notice them anymore. Particularly our homes are becoming hyperconnected spaces where the real and the digital world are growing together. As a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, Infineon Technologies provides the basis for a convenient, secure, and energy efficient smart home.

But the importance of the IoT goes way beyond that. Looking at key social issues such as health, climate change or an ageing population, smart technologies can become a game changer and provide answers to the big questions of our time.

Thomas Rosteck, Division President Connected Secure Systems, explains how IoT technologies contribute to our everyday lives.



The video was part of an Online Media Briefing. Other speakers were

  • Philipp von Schierstädt, Senior Vice President & General Manager Radio Frequency & Sensors at Infineon Technologies
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Schöbel, Medical doctor at Ruhrlandklinik Essen and
  • Dr. Soumya Sunder Dash, CEO & Co-Founder of Sleepiz

who introduced the audience to the new high-precision sleep monitoring solution for smart homes based on radar technology.

Here you can watch the whole video: https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/about-infineon/make-iot-work/newsroom/


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