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Community Updates: New search feature, easy registration and more!

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Community Updates: New search feature, easy registration and more!

Season's greetings, dear Community!

As we wrap up 2022, the community team brings you some cool new features, and fixes that you have been asking for. Let's check them out.  

New search functionality

We have replaced our search feature in the community with an advanced one, which should give you better results, with a lot of options to filter the right content for you. Use the same old search bar on top of every page, and you can experience the new search feature. 

search result.JPG


Easy registration

To make it easier for new users to create their community profiles, we have incorporated a lite registration form which only asks your country, email, and password. Then verify your email, and simply pick a username to get started! You can update your other details later, if you want to. With this change, along with your community account, a myInfineon account is also automatically created for you to explore more Infineon resources. 




Filters for blogs & trainings

Ever had trouble navigating through blogs or training to find all relevant resources of your interest? With the latest update, we bring an extensive list of filters which you can use to find all blogs, and training in the area of your interest. Go to the blogs/training page, and you will find these filters on top right.


Updates to the look & feel

You might have already noticed subtle changes in various pages of our community. For instance, you will no longer find the big banners on top of the forum home pages which will allow you to see more content without scrolling. 

Other updates include changes to the mobile UI, where the sorting options are changed to a dropdown to have a cleaner interface, and the addition of 'Developer Community' next to the Infineon logo across devices. 

Minor fixes

The blog cover image was not clickable so far, and this has been fixed in this release. Clicking on that image will also now take you to the corresponding blog article. Another update is in the private groups, where labels are displayed for you to easily filter relevant content. 


Well, these are the key updates you will notice, starting this week. We are also preparing for more changes in the coming months, including better personal branding opportunities for our distributors & partners. More about that later!

Your feedback is most valuable to us, and we improve the community experience based on that. So, what do you think of these changes? Please let us know in the comments below!