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Community Updates: Applications forum, training page, and more

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Community Updates: Applications forum, training page, and more

Dear Community members, 

The team has been working on some cool new updates, since our blog page re-launch in June and we are happy to present them to you. Check them out below!


  • We have launched a new Applications forum, starting with Adapters & Chargers for wholesome (and easy) discussions around applications.
  • You can access Infineon product training from our dedicated training page in community. 
  • Subscribing to your topics of interest is now easier.
  • Filter issue on blogs has been resolved.


Whole-new application forums

The discussions happening in our community has been mostly around our products and software for a very long time; and it need not be the ideal experience for engineers who are developing an application, to find and go into separate  product/software forums to ask their questions.

With that in mind, we have launched a new forum area just to discuss real life applications that will bring together users of similar end product interests and will focus more on system level ideas. This could involve more than one Infineon products, solutions made by partners, or support infrastructure for startups such as a lab space. Issues such as passing EMI/EMC tests for a specific end product, or deliberating between OCPP 1.6 vs 2.0 as the protocol to implement in the EV charging solution - these topics are beyond the scope of our current product forums.

We are starting with Adapters and Chargers forum where you can ask all your questions (and share your ideas) on USB-C chargers and adapters, Automotive USB-C charging, and Battery chargers  in one single place. We will be adding more applications to this list in the near future, and you will be able explore all of them in this Applications forum home page.  Thank you @GrCa_1363456  to be the first one to break the ice, and start the first discussion here! 😉

Easy access to Infineon training

Infineon offers a wide variety of training to help you succeed using our products and software. For our members, we have made it easy to access those trainings right within our community with a dedicated Training page. Just like our blogs, this new training page will collate resources related to all our products, and the best part is that you can watch them any time, as they are on-demand! For your convenience, there is also a rolling banner on top of the training page to bring your attention to the trainings we highly recommend.

We also will be periodically updating the training library, so you get to learn from the best we have to offer. Should you have any questions while watching a training video, simply sign-in to the community, and ask your questions right there. Our community moderators and members will quickly help you with an answer. 

Bug fixes and updates

It was brought to our attention that filtering content (especially blogs) based on the topics (or as we call it - labels) was not working as expected; and we have fixed this issue with our latest release. Simply click on any label while on the blog home page, and it will filter blogs only related to that label. 

Ever wondered how to be updated on the latest posts or content from your favorite community areas? We have a Subscribe option that is now prominently displayed on forum, blog, training  pages etc. so you can be notified by email on the latest updates from each of these areas. If you think it is too 'noisy' for you with all the updates, you can always come back and unsubscribe. 


As always, please feel free to let us know in the comments below how we can make our community better, together! Stay tuned for the next set of updates (psst.. you can now subscribe to these blogs 😉).