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Announcement & FAQ: We are One Infineon Developer Community

Announcement & FAQ: We are One Infineon Developer Community

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Bringing the Best of Infineon Forums and Cypress Developer Community Together for Your Success!

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our improved and enhanced Infineon Developer Community. Beginning October 20th, 2021, as part of One Infineon, we’ve combined the best of the Infineon Forums (www.infineonforums.com) with the Cypress Developer Community (https://community.cypress.com).

This expanded community provides you with many excellent features, including enhanced technical support, more useful documentation, blogs, code examples, knowledge articles, and so much more, while connecting you to other developers from around the world.  We’ve worked hard to improve your overall experience with Infineon Technologies and we’re proud to offer our newly merged community to you.

To help ensure your experience with our community is the best it can be, we’ve created the following FAQs to help you through the transition period and beyond. Please spend a few moments reviewing these since they provide important information regarding changes in logging in, notifications, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will I have access to the merged community?

The merging of the communities will occur between 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT (09:00 AM to 09:00 PM CET) on Wednesday, October 20th 2021. During that time, Cypress Developer Community will be kept read-only (Infineon Forums will be kept read-only earlier starting 11 AM PDT/8 PM CET on October 19th), meaning that you’ll still have access to the content, but posting will not be possible until the merge is complete.

Q. Very Important – please read.  How do I log in to the new Infineon Developer Community, and how is it different from today?

Everybody will have access to view all publicly available content without the requirement to register and log in. Users who wish to post to the community and also access member-only content will need to sign in with a verified myInfineon account. Users may already have a myInfineon account from interacting with the www.infineon.com eco system. If not, a new myInfineon account can be created as part of the sign in process, by following the 'Register Now' link or directly on www.infineon.com. Users will receive an email with a verification link as part of the myInfineon account registration. If this has been missed, a new email with a verification link can be requested here.

For current Infineon Forums members:

  • If you are currently only registered on the Infineon Forums and do not have a myInfineon account, please create a myInfineon account BEFORE OCTOBER 20th, using the same email address you used to create your forums account. 
  • If a corresponding myInfineon account is not created by October 20th, any existing posts or information you’ve provided to the Infineon Forums will not be associated with your account during the merge.  The content will still be available for viewing to all users, but it will not be associated with your new account.
  • If you currently have both an Infineon Forums account and a myInfineon account, then all of your posts and content will be associated with your same account. No additional actions are needed.  After October 20th, you will only need to sign-in with your myInfineon account in order to post any new questions or comments to the community. 

For current Cypress Developer Community members:  :  Your community sign in is already integrated with the www.infineon.com eco system. Please use your myInfineon (or cypress.com) account credentials when asked. This allows you to view and post new questions, or respond to existing posts, along with allowing access to member-only content.

For all new community members after October 20th: Welcome to our Infineon Developer Community! Simply create a new myInfineon account from www.infineon.com if you don’t currently have one, and connect with the thousands of other members to access and share information, post questions, like and comment, etc. Please note that verifying your email after the registration is a prerequisite to access the community.

Q. Will all of my content, badges, ranks, etc. from Infineon Forums, show up on the new Infineon community?

While we worked very hard to migrate as many elements as possible into the new community, there are some attributes that we’re not able to bring with us.

  • Attributes that will be available: username, messages and threads, boards, embedded images, attachments, groups and members, and other items.
  • Attributes that will not be available: private messages, ranks and roles, points, subscriptions, custom badges and emoticons, private messages, metrics, message status, and a few other items.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and sincerely hope that we’ve more than made up for this with the new community we’re providing for you.

Q. What are the key changes I can expect to see?

If you are an Infineon Forums member, you will experience a completely upgraded community platform, with intuitive ways to connect, follow and engage other developers along with Infineon Support. You’ll find expanded product forums, code examples, and knowledge articles, among other valuable content.

If you are a Cypress Developer Community member, you will see new product boards and content added to the community, along with access to many more members, including those considered experts in these new products.

Q. Will the community name and its online location change? 

Yes.  The community will be renamed “Infineon Developer Community,” and the URL (online address) will now be here: https://community.infineon.com.  Additionally, if you’re currently a Cypress community member and are receiving community notifications, these will now come from community-manager@infineon.com instead of community-manager@cypress.com .

Q. Can I continue to access the posts from Infineon Forums?

Infineon Forums posts will be available in the Infineon Developer Community. Redirects will be in place to ensure you can continue to access any of your bookmarked resources.

Q. What new features are available in the new community?

The Infineon Developer Community will have many features that we believe you will find useful. Enjoy the easy to use robust search functionality to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. You’ll find an expanded library of documentation and videos to help you learn and expand your knowledge, new blogs from knowledgeable and expert resources, code examples, knowledge articles, social media connections, and much, much more.  Come back often as we are continuously expanding the content and value of the community. We are committed to enhancing your community experience in the months and years to come with great features and support to help make you and your projects a great success.

Q. Where can I find some additional assistance to help me get started?

If you need further assistance with the new community – please check out our Help Section that provides information on posting your questions or requests, navigating the community, and much, much more.

Q. Where can I find the privacy information related to the new community?

Data protection has a high priority for Infineon. We do not sell your personal information to third parties or with any ad networks or ad server companies.

Please note that Khoros (Khoros LLC., 7300 Ranch Rd 2222 Bldg 1 Austin TX 78730), a third-party service provider, will operate the Infineon Developer Community and provide you with our services.

We enter into contracts with our service providers in which the requirements of relevant data protection laws are addressed. Service providers must take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of the data subject and are prohibited from processing personal data in derogation of the Infineon's instructions.

If data is transferred outside the European Economic Area that may not be subject to equivalent data protection laws, we will ensure that a transfer only takes place if an appropriate level of protection exists with the recipient and suitable safeguards like Standard Contractual Clauses are provided.

Click  here to read more about how Infineon handles your personal data.

Click here to read more about how Khoros handles personal data.

Q. Where do I go if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions about the new Infineon Community that we haven’t answered, please post your question to the community and we will answer you. If you need help in posting to the community, please see our Help Section in the community. For other questions beyond these, please send us an email at community-manager@infineon.com.