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Antenna tuners Forum Discussions

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Antenna tuners
What are the likely failure conditions when RFFE Control Voltage Levels are exceeded on BGSA family Antenna Tuners? I'm specifically interested in und... Show More
Antenna tuners
Hi, I will use an FPGA to configure a BGSA144ML10. Is my understanding of the configuration phase correct when I do not want to use triggers? 1. Set r... Show More
Antenna tuners
solved msg Solved
For a low power application (RX) will the device function below 600MHz - or in other words are there any significant functional loss when operating at... Show More
Antenna tuners
CXJ UHF RFID Antenna CXJ-ANT01 is a high-performance UHF RFID antenna with FCC frequency(902~928MHz, high gain, low VSWR and circularly polarized char... Show More
Antenna tuners

Is there anywhere I can find S-Parameter models for the the BGSA14GN10 RF switch? Thanks


Antenna tuners
The BGSA142GN12 SP4T switch data sheet shows a single RFC pin. However the PCB footprints for the switch show an RFC1 and RFC2 pin. How should these 2... Show More
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Antenna tuners

With the fast adoption of 5G technology, more antennas need to cover even more frequency bands within limited space. This can potentially affect antenna performance and result in higher design complexity. Antenna tuners help address these challenges to ensure fast and stable wireless connection everywhere. Infineon antenna tuners can be found in a variety of applications, such as smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, mobile routers, smart metering or asset tracking devices. In this forum, you can post your questions about Infineon antenna tuners and the coupler to find support from the community for your next project.