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cross mob
Level 4
Level 4

I was wondering what happens in following situation:

1. I uploaded .hex file into Aurix 2G (tricore 1.6 architecture) microcontroler via memetool
2. I ran program
3. Program crash ( null pointer or other trap)

what system do next ?
It goes to reset state or, its doing nothing ( NOP operation) or reset itself ?
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Level 6
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It depends on what your trap handler does. Most compilers just enter an infinite loop after a DEBUG trap. If no debugger is connected, it depends on whether your application has disabled the watchdogs:
- with watchdogs disabled, the CPU will stay stuck in the trap handler infinite loop
- with watchdogs enabled, the watchdogs will eventually time out, and unless you've reprogrammed the alarm registers, this will eventually cause a system reset.