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I've got problem with configuring standby modeon AURIX Tc222

User manual says very little about configuration, is very unclear how to do it(page 506).
- There are references to registers that do not exits in iLLD, (they are also mentioned in user manual no more):

- User manual says nothing about restricted access to this registers( change in registers result in trap entering due to permission issue):

there is no reference how to gain this access either.

-many of steps are described how "should" you do it but says nothing what you must do or what happens in other cases.

Where can I find more helpful/reliable references describing configuration of standby mode?
Is there any demo or tutorial on how to configure standby mode on AURIX Tc222?
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The perhipheral module subchapter of each module contains a list of registers of that module. This table has a column "Access Mode" that shows for the Write Accesses the access restrictions.
Here "SE" means "Safety Endinit Protected" and "E" means CPU Endinit Protected. This way you can always see which protection needs to be removed before accessing the registers.

For the standby mode there is an application note AP32332 - AURIX : Standby power mode