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Currently under development with AURIX (TC233).

Power supply voltage Up/Down and On/Off were repeatedly performed several times (about 50 to 100 times) on the normally operating TC233 development board.
However, after reset from a certain moment, the TC233 MCU did not work at all.

I need to find the cause for this issue. What are the possible causes?
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Is your application using the SMU? It's fairly common for applications to enable SMU alarms for low voltage, but then have a buggy alarm handler that fails to reset the micro, falls into an infinite loop, etc.

Do you have a debugger that supports hot attach? The standalone debuggers like iSYSTEM, Lauterbach, and PLS can allow you to connect to the AURIX without a reset.

Otherwise, I would add some breadcrumbs to your software, to help find out where it's at. For example:
- You might use multiple GPIO outputs to indicate different events: one in cstart, one after clock initialization, a toggle in each 10 ms loop, etc.
- Alternately, you might use a single GPIO output, and write a little function to toggle it a fixed number of times for each stage in the execution