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I am developing an application for TC377 on TASKING compiler.

the current application takes up about 0.8MB of space.

currently the interrupt vector table (INTTAB) is positioned at the end of the 6MB of space available, and everything works fine. I also tried to move it to a position less distant from the end of the application (for example at the end of the first MB) and it continues to work regularly.

I would need to move it before application. if I try to do this the application crashes (I understand that it crashes at the first interrupt it receives). but strangely if I try to debug it everything works fine.

Can anyone help me?

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There is no limitation regarding the placement of the interrupt vector table just BIV register and the handler need to be setup correctly. What memory (PSR, DMLU, etc) is this located? Also could you provide more details for the crash? Is it some kind of trap?