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How to create new section in lsl script file ?

I tried to do it, following tasking user manual ( chapter 16 LSL )

.lsl script:

section_layout :vtc:linear
group pspr0 ( run_addr = mem:mpe:pspr0, copy )
select "*.pspr_function ";

__ inline void pspr_function(void);

But it's not working,
Code is still defined in flash.
What is defined wrongly ?

I work on Tc222L
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Hi Lukas,

Since pspr_function was prototyped with the inline attribute, it will most likely have been inlined into the body of the function that calls it. Hence there is a good chance that your mapfile will not contain a section called .text..pspr_function since it doesn't physically exist as one. Have you checked your mapfile if there is such a section?

Can you maybe show us a listing of your mapfile to allow us a peek of how it was located. Also note that --map-file-format supports a flag called rules that will add a listing to your mapfile that shows which rules worked and which ones didn't (for whatever reason).

Best regards,

Henk-Piet Glas

Principal Technical Specialist
Embedded Software