hex file generation

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Hi all

i have a question about hex file generation in general...
When i genarate a hex file for my program code then it generates for all core only one hex file....

Is it possible to generate for each core a hex file individually from compiler?
Or is there any options to disassemble the hex files for each core?

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the hex file is kind of an extract of your ELF file, including only the loadable content with the address information, plus some checksum.

If your program is built into a single ELF file, then you can generate a single hex file out of it.
If you want to have separate hex files for each core, then you need to separate your application project first, to build separate ELF files for each core.

Or is there any options to disassemble the hex files for each core?

Short answer: there is none.
There are tools to concatenate / combine hex files into a single hex file, but have I never seen a tool to split a hex file. Although it is a text based format, it cannot be just split at arbitrary lines, as there is an "end of file" record at the end of the file that must be present. But even if you copy that part manually to each fragment, you would have to know where to cut, and this is not a trivial operation, as you must know which address range belongs to which core. Provided that the segments are sorted by address (which may not be the case). And of course, all of this requires that there is no shared loadable content of different cores.