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Hi all,

I am observing Ievrsb after I tried entering standby mode and it is exceeding the Data Sheet AURIX™-TC2xx spec (around 1.5mA compared to 150uA specified in DS).
does anyone kow what could be the reason?

Thank you in advance
Kind regards

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Hi Christine ,

First please check whether the temperature is around Tj=25°C, as this the condition for the datasheet spec.
Otherwise, this might be due to the fact that the device failed to enter the standby mode. It has been reported that when we connect 5v only at VEVRSTBY, and do not supply the microcontroller, then it immediately consumes roughly 1.5mA. Therefore, if the user fails to enter the standby mode and only VEVRSB is supplied, this could be what you are viewing.

For the procedure to enter standby mode, please check the UM chapter and the app note AP32332. In addition to this, here are some quick checklists to confirm:
In case you are using the Vext ramp down entry,

Check if the secondary voltage monitor is correctly configured.
Check if STBYEV is correctly configured
Configure blanking filter to longest configuration. (An unintentional wakeup might occur due to voltage fluctuation around the threshold during ramp down.)
Check if configuration of PWRWKEN is correct (In case of VEXT supply wake-up, PORST input is not evaluated during Standby mode.)
Check if device and usecase is affected by errata PMC_TC.001.
Also, user could try SW request instead of Vext ramp down. You can try both with Vext supplied and the external power shut down.

I hope that was useful
Kind regards

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Hello Support,

Can you please provide me more details about the Register which contains PWRWKEN bit as mentioned above?
Also, please provide me the page number and section number from corresponding user manual as reference where PWRWKEN is described.
Thank you.
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See PMSWCR0.PWRWKEN on page 595 of tc29xB_um_v1.3.pdf. The PMSWCR0 register details are on page 605.