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i have questions about this problem that i haven't been able to solve for days.
first, it was confirmed that PWM(GTM) & GPT(encoder) were implemented and operated.

however, VADC or TLE9180 has a problem. the pin map was initialized by changing
AN1(TC237) to AN8(TC277)
AN12(TC237) to AN24(TC277)
by referring to the app kit hardware manual.

using the GTM trigger, VADC's own operation was confirmed, but the values of the U,V and Vro cfhannels were a problem.
in the ZeroCurrent Sensor function, the difference between each channel value was more than 600, confirming that the hadEmergency flag was set.

the voltage of the Vro pin was measured, but the TC237 board measured 2.x, but this board measured 1.8.
So, i can't determine if it's a TLE9180 problem or a peripheral initialization problem.

the first question is whether the voltage on this Vro pin is correct.
the second question is whether my peripheral initialization settings are correct.

the codes are as follows.

-------------------- SPI master module configuration ----------------------------
IfxQspi_SpiMaster_Config spiMasterConfig;
IfxQspi_SpiMaster_initModuleConfig(&spiMasterConfig, &MODULE_QSPI3);

spiMasterConfig.base.mode = SpiIf_Mode_master;

const IfxQspi_SpiMaster_Pins qspiMasterPins = {
&IfxQspi3_SCLK_P22_3_OUT, IfxPort_OutputMode_pushPull, /* SCLK Pin (CLK) */
&IfxQspi3_MTSR_P22_0_OUT, IfxPort_OutputMode_pushPull, /* MasterTransmitSlaveReceive pin (MOSI) */
&IfxQspi3_MRSTE_P22_1_IN, IfxPort_InputMode_noPullDevice, /* MasterReceiveSlaveTransmit pin (MISO) */
IfxPort_PadDriver_cmosAutomotiveSpeed1 /* Pad driver mode */

spiMasterConfig.pins = &qspiMasterPins;

spiMasterConfig.base.txPriority = ISR_PRIORITY_SPI3_TX;
spiMasterConfig.base.rxPriority = ISR_PRIORITY_SPI3_RX;
spiMasterConfig.base.erPriority = ISR_PRIORITY_SPI3_ER;
spiMasterConfig.base.isrProvider = IfxSrc_Tos_cpu0;

IfxQspi_SpiMaster_initModule(&SPI3Handler, &spiMasterConfig);

-------------------- SPI master channel configuration ----------------------------
IfxQspi_SpiMaster_ChannelConfig spiMasterChannelConfig;

/* Initialize the configuration with default values */
IfxQspi_SpiMaster_initChannelConfig(&spiMasterChannelConfig, &SPI3Handler);

spiMasterChannelConfig.base.baudrate = 1000000;
spiMasterChannelConfig.base.mode.dataWidth = 24;
spiMasterChannelConfig.base.mode.shiftClock = SpiIf_ShiftClock_shiftTransmitDataOnTrailingEdge;
spiMasterChannelConfig.base.mode.csLeadDelay = SpiIf_SlsoTiming_0;
spiMasterChannelConfig.base.mode.csTrailDelay = SpiIf_SlsoTiming_1;
spiMasterChannelConfig.base.mode.csInactiveDelay = SpiIf_SlsoTiming_7;
/* Select the port pin for the Chip Select signal */
const IfxQspi_SpiMaster_Output qspiSlaveSelect = {
&IfxQspi3_SLSO12_P22_2_OUT, IfxPort_OutputMode_pushPull,
spiMasterChannelConfig.sls.output = qspiSlaveSelect;

/* Initialize the QSPI Master channel */
IfxQspi_SpiMaster_initChannel(&SPI3ChannelHandler, &spiMasterChannelConfig);

since i'm trying to write more, the writing is too messy. i'll just attach the Tasking project.

wait for an answer.

Kyungwoo Min
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Hi KyungwooMin,

please could you state what eMotorKit and Toolchain you are using? I understood you have the TC277 TFT App-Kit on the controller side.
Then you stated that you did a pin mapping. Why did you do that?

Which AppNote did you use?

Do you have only a problem to drive your own peripherals and everything else works fine?

For now it is quite unclear what kind of problems you have.