beginner guides for Tricore microcontrollers

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Hi forum
I have started working Tricore microcontrollers (TC1728). but I can't find any example code, tutorial videos, ... . can anyone explain me how I can get started?
which IDE should I use? as mush as I know, Tasking and Hightec are available. and Hightec is free. is there any other option?
which Programmer, debugger is better?
thanks in advance.
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Another option would be to use AURIX™ Development Studio (ADS), the free (not for commercial purposes) IDE dedicated to AURIX, supporting AURIX TC2xx and TC3xx at the moment.
You can get the AURIX™ Development Studio here: AURIX™ Development Studio and get inspired by numerous Trainings from here: AURIX™ Trainings.

From ADS, you can also download tons of free trainings:
To import a code example, use the import function of the AURIX™ Development Studio: File >> Import... >> Infineon >> "AURIX Development Studio Project", select "Infineon Code Examples Repository" and select the code example to be imported.

If you are not familiar with Eclipse based IDE’s checkout the Getting Started guide!

hope it helps,