_asm_volatile - syntax Tricore Aurix

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hello developers,
i am trying to understand the assembly syntax used in Tricore TC277 development.
I came across this syntax and trying to understand it.

vptr = TriCore_int_table;
__asm volatile ("mtcr $biv,%0" : : "d" (vptr));

in the syntax i can understand they are setting the BIV register. i am trying to understand exactly the syntax itsel- How they do it.

please also can any one suggest me , if there is any document for Tricore which contains all the assembly syntax s.

Kindly help me in this regard.

thank you very much.
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Yes, refer to tool vendor's documentation (user guide) for the toolchain that you are using (i.e. Using Assembly in the C Source: __asm() ). If you want to write your own assembly routine (.s file) then you can look to the Infineon core architecture manual - Instruction set. You still need to adapt the syntax to match the toolchain being used.