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We have TriBoard-TC2X9 V1.1 and were exploring BMHD behaviour.
We wrote these values to BMHD0:
STADABM = 0xa0000120
BMI = 0x0068
BMHDID = 0xb359
ChkStart = 0
ChkEnd = 0
CRCrange = 0
Inverted CRCrange = 0
CRChead = 0xBBD0248F
Inverted CRChead = 0x442FDB70

Some values are made intentionally wrong to mark this BMHD as invalid.
Other BMHDs are in erased state.
No any code protection was set.

Now our code doesn't execute and we cannot connect to CPU with onboard debugger (through Free HighTec UDE).
ESR0 stays in low state (red LED is constantly ON).
Also cannot connect with ASC bootloader through pins P14_0/14_1 and P15_2/15_3. (We swapped R438 with R436 and R440 with R437, also removed R339 to access P14_0/14_1 pins).
Tried Memtool v4.08.01 in DAS and BSL/ASC configurations.

Pulling HWCFG3_BMI (P14_3) low through DIP-switch S101 doesn't help.
BTW, there is a mistake in schematics: labels "CFG3" and "CFG6" near S101 are swapped.

Please advise a way to recover this chip.
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Have the same behaviour with TC264D.
try pulling HWCFG pins 3,4 and 5 low, resetting MCU and connecting memtool via serial port on pins P14.0 and P14.1. It is importaint to pull all three HWCFG pins low to put IC into BSL mode that does not timeout and go to user program, but waits for communication.