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Hi all ,

Does anyone know which flag or register/bit should I check in the ASCLIN Module when a LIN communication error happens?

Thank you in advance
Kind regards

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Hi Lucas ,

Following errors are defined in Lin 1.3 specification.
1. Bit Error
2. Checksum Error
3. Identifier Parity Error
4. Slave Not Responding Error
5. Inconsistent-Synch Field Error
6. Physical Bus Error

A: You need to check these flags at FLAG register in ASCLIN module.
Bit Error ; CE
Checksum Error ; LC
Identifier Parity Error : LP
Slave Not Responding Error : RT
Inconsistent-Synch Field Error : LA
Physical Bus Error : CE or BD

While CE checks for bit error on the bus. It requires additionally a CAN Transceiver or any Transceiver which supports loopback of transmitted data from the LIN bus to check for bit flips.
And BD detects any physical bus error due to stuck at faults on the bus. However, this is only supported on the slave not master.

Kind regards