Which AURIX support HRPWM?

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for an AURIX model that supports HRPWM (high resolution PWM).
The XMC4000 series has reached its limit of computing power in our model predictive control of DC-DC converters, so we want to upgrade to a more powerful platform. Unfortunately, I did not find any description of HRPWM in the AURIX document.

Does anyone know which AURIX supports HRPWM? Thanks in advance.
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The Aurix family does have HRPWM - please see https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Infineon-AURIX_%20Industrial-PP-v01_00-EN.pdf?fileId=5546d46269e1c0190.... PWM can be implemented using the GTM.
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The XMC4400's HRPWM has some tricks that the AURIX doesn't:
The HRPWM is built of 3 CSG units, being each unit comprised of one High Speed
Comparator, a dedicated 10 bit 30 MS/s DAC and one hardware controlled Slope
Compensation module.
The HRPWM unit also upgrades up to 4 compare channels of a Capture/Compare unit,
with the possibility of generating PWM signals with a maximum resolution of 150 ps. This
function is especially useful for SMPS applications operating at a high switching

Although the TC3xx GTM fast clusters can run a PWM with 5 ns resolution, that doesn't approach the 150 ps resolution of the XMC.