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A typical embedded system, let's say Transmission or Power Train Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is powered by automobile Battery.

Battery voltage is at 12 Volts. If the battery voltage drops to 0 Volts in 5 us and stays at 0 V for 100 us, then rises back to 12V in 5 us, what impact will this have on Microcontroller memories, different microcontrollers inputs like Analog, Digital, PWM, etc. And different outputs like Digital, PWM etc.

Will the contents of I/O and memories like SRAM, Program Flash, Data Flash change due to this transient?

The microcontroller on the ECU is Infineon Aurix Tricore TC29x.
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The big capacitors will keep your board powered during the black period.

If the capacitors are not big enough, your board will power down and start a power on reset when the voltage arises again.