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Hi all ,

What is the difference between JTAG and DAP ?

Kind regards

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Hi Bernie ,

JTAG is the industry standard for programming, debugging and monitoring integrated circuits. However, this connection is limited in speed and bandwidth.
The clock frequency of a JTAG interface is between 3-20MHz, while a DAP interface for the standard debug and trace use cases can run up to 160MHz.
Furthermore, it comes with small form factor connectors and the interface is more robust as its protocol is CRC6 protected.
Infineon's DAP (Device Access Port) is a four-, three-, two- and single-wire tool access port for microcontrollers and similar devices.
Four-pin DAP can be used for off-chip transceiver integration with high bandwidth needs. Three-pin DAP can be used for off-chip transceiver integration (e.g. LVDS) or for high bandwidth needs.
The two-wire version can be used for long connections or noisy environments. And finally, the single-wire DAP variant is interesting for low pin count devices.
Moreover, there exist as well the possibility to access DAP over CAN Physical Layer (DXCPL), see application note AP32264.
You can refer to AP24003 or to the specific TriCore User Manual of your device at MyICP for more detailed information about the DAP interface.

Kind regards
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And then - how Aurora Gbit differs to DAP, DAPe and JTAG offered from the same chip (say TC399)?