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Hi all,

P-channel FET is used for LDO mode with external pass device for EVR13 in AURIX™-TC275.
Could you please let me know any guideline to select P-channel FET for LDO mode? In AURIX™-TC2x5 Triboard, Infineon SPD04P10PL is used
Furthermore, I can find only specification for P-N channel FET for SMPS mode in the datasheet.

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Kind regards
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Hi Bernie,

The EVR13 LDO design with external pass device is very sensitive to variation of parameters. It requires a lot of simulations to check if it works under all conditions.
Only the two options below are supported.

Option 1: SPD04P10PL MOSFET with output capacitor of 4.7uF.

Option 2: IPD50P04P4L-11 MOSFET with output capacitor of 10uF.

Kind regards