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Hi all,

What is Infineon Software Framework?

Thank you and best regards

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Hi Lina,

Infineon Software Framework is a free-of-charge tool environment, which create a unified platform for the software development to demonstrate TriCore/AURIX family of microcontrollers.
Target users are the both Infineon application engineers and customers who use the application examples or demo software drivers for prototyping. It has two main parts: 1) Software development tools; 2) Software objects consisting of microcontroller application examples.
Here are some key functions of Infineon Software Framework:
• Provides the uniform structure for project files organization, API usage and tool chain environment.
• Makes it easy to switch between different tool chains without changing source code.
• Build the make files automatically for the source files. It scans all the C, header and assembly files inside the source folder and generate the make files depending on the used tool chain.
• Provide the documentation possibility.
• Provide easy structure to handle homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore software.
Software Framework has been replaced by BIFACES since 2017.

Best regards