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Hi all,

I wonder what is BIFACES?

Thanks and regards

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Hi Bernie,

Probably a colleague of yours (given the ID in your posting) asked that same question not so long ago. You'll find it listed here. It was aptly answered by Mr. AURIX.

Note that from our registration page (here) you can download an application note that explains how such examples can be migrated to a managed HighTec project.

Best regards,

Henk-Piet Glas
Principal Technical Specialist
Embedded Software

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Hi Bernie,

BIFACES is derived from acronym of “*B*uild and* I*ntegration *F*ramework for *A*utomotive *C*ontroller *E*mbedded *S*oftware”. It is the successor of Infineon Software Framework with additional features, and enables building software for AURIX Microcontrollers.

This is also the build environment that unified build environment for both MCAL and iLLD products, and has the following key features:
• Eclipse CDT
• Automatic Make file generation
• Automatic handling of includes in source files
• Multiple compiler support
• Support of HighTec, TASKING or Wind River compiler
• Support of MCU architectures of ARM (HSM), 8051 (SCR), MCS
• Flexible multicore handling
• Separate or one elf file for homogenous multicore (TriCore)

BIFACES installation package can be downloaded from MyICP (MyInfineon Collaboration Platform).

Best regards