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My customer has no idea about the below description : "PD Devices" in the chapter : The Pin Definition and Functions, e.g. at Page.163, there are different descriptions of "PD Devices" functions in ball pin- R19 & symbol-DAPE0, pin- M16 & symbol-DAPE1 and pin- RM15 & symbol-DAPE2, respectively.
1.Could you provide the detail definition of them?
2.Are they only used on "Emulation Device" as the same as AGBT & DAPE ?
3.The "Emulation Device" means the evaluation board?
Thank you.





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Hi, PD means "Production Device", DAPE and AGBT are interfaces that only exist in "Emulation Devices".

Emulation device is an special variant of the microcontroller that contains extra functions for advance debug and tracing. 

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