VADC not working in Triboard.

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Hello All,
I tried to use ADC using Triboard TC277 with the help of Aurix provided example "ADC Background Scan_1". the hardware connection i made is, I simply connected a 10K potentiometer to vary the voltage on the "AN0" pin.
when i tried to run I found the ADC conversion is not working despite I change the voltage level(0 - 5V). All I am noticing is the junk values of the noise produced on the pin.
What do i need to do to get the ADC working. the below are the register values to configure the channel.

GLOBCFG.DIVA = 4 "but I see 2 here in the debugger"
Vadc digitalFrequency = 1e8
Vadc analog Frequency 2e7
Vadc module frequency 1e8
Sample time = 1e6

STCS = 14;

Kindly help me in this regard.
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