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I am working on TC387 AURIX microcontroller.

During my CAN initialization, After setting my INIT bit to 1, when I try to reset the INIT bit to 0, I am not able to do it..
Is INIT bit write protected? If yes, what is the procedure to make it write accessible? Also Is there any other register that need to be set for CAN before setting CCCR register (INIT and CCE bit)?
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How you made this test?
Note: Due to the synchronization mechanism between the two clock domains, there may be a delay until the value written to INIT can be read back. Therefore the programmer has to assure that the previous value written to INIT has been accepted by reading INIT before setting INIT to a new value.
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 I also encounter the same problem. I aware that the "Can_17_McmCan_lTimeOut" function is applied to make sure that the CCCR.INIT to be set or reset within a certain period of time and return the result that whether the bit is successfully set or not. but when i set a break point there and observe the register ,  there is always an E_NOT_OK to return. Is there anything else that effect the CCCR setting?


Hi, I am confused with a similar problem. Normally after CCCR.B.INIT get cleared to 0, PSR.B.ACT will set to "Tramsmitter" within 1.2 ms, but under special condition, such as the voltage is low, it will takes about 50ms. 

Do you know the reason or how to deal with it?

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