Triggering core 1 or 2 using HighTec Compiler in TC297-B

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I am using HighTec compiler to develop applications on top of TC297-B mircrocontroller. The problem I am facing is I am unable to activate core 1 or 2 from core 0. I used the following line to set core 1 or 2 CPUx_DBGSR.B.HALT=2; but corers are not activated. So could you please assist in what I am missing. Also, how to place conditions in startup code to activate the cores.

If any inputs on integration of FreeRTOS with TC297 will be helpful.

Many Thanks,
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Hi Kumaresh,

If you are using IFX MCAL, I would recommend you to refer to the startup.c file.
This has the startup code for both single and multicore configurations.

Best Regards,
Sivakumar M.