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Dear forum members,

I'm new to this forum and hope I will find help here.

after flashing a brand new Triboard TC1798 the board is signalling reset with its red LED. The programm is not starting although I can start it with a Lauterbach debugger. When unplugging the Debugger its again in Reset. I did not change any of the dip switches and before the moving LED lights have started, when it was "unflashed". Is there the possibility that I'm holding it in reset by any digital output. I'm using Tasking Compiler and Lauterbach debugger.

Hello to everybody, by the way.
Thanks for any help.
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Dear msggigi, did you find any solution for this issue?

I'm facing a similar issue, I flashed it and after some while it reseted twice and kept the reset Led (red one) on. Currently I'm not able to flash the board using Hightech neither GreenHills. It seems dead.

Thanks in advance.