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New Contributor

I have used the demo code for TC237 app-kit which is provided from Myicp because of working TFT lcd on TC237 app-kit.
I extracted TFT function codes from the demo files because of my project.
The code successfully has been compiled and downloaded on my app-kit with the Aurix development studio v1.2.2

But my app-kit was not work.
My TFT had displayed continuous thin vertical black lines.

So, I tried to exchange QSPI iLLD from v1. (version 2019) to v1. (version 2017) because I thought the QSPI operating codes had problems.
(The iLLD files were included SpiMaster, SpiSlave and Std folders.)
Finally, My TFT is working well.

I think the latest version of QSPI iLLD is different from old version which was used demo files.
but I don't know what has changed.

Could you tell me the cause of this problem?
And I guess Qspi_0 operating codes which has been included in demo files have to been modified in accordance with latest iLLD version.
(The TFT is working with QSPI_0 function.)
Can you give me the modified QSPI_0 operating code?
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