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I am having hard time transitioning TLF35584 to normal mode. DEV STAT always reports device is in Init state and the SS1/SS2 are pulled low.
I tried below steps to move TLF35584 to normal mode however no luck.

After powerup

- Service Windowed watchdog by writing to WWDSCMD register.
- Unlock protected registers
- Disable Windowed watchdog
- Lock protected registers
- set device state to normal.

I am servcing Windowed watchdog as by default this is the only watchdog which SBC enables. Any thoughts ?

Are there any other steps which I need to take care of ? I want to start with simple steps to verify my SPI write commands are working and have TLF35584 device into normal mode.

Are there any examples for configuration of TLF35584 which does not uses DMA ? The examples in AP32342 is way too complex to start with and doesn't help much.
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INIT -> NORMAL-state
• Watchdog(s) need to be serviced once according to default configuration or according to reconfiguration within the INIT timer
• ERR monitor needs to be serviced with a valid signal (minimum 3 periods) or disabled within the INIT timer.
• If functional watchdog is activated, a valid FWD triggering needs to be provided.
• A delay of 60μs after the provided services has to be considered to ensure proper release of internal validation signals.

With which commands you will set the device to normal state?
New Contributor
Thank you so much, I was missing the Item#2 “ERR monitor needs to be serviced with a valid signal (minimum 3 periods) or disabled within the INIT timer” part. For now I just disabled the ERR monitoring and I can transition to NORMAL mode.

Appreciate your help
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