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  • When power ON the CAN transceiver in Standby mode the INH pin active (Vbat level), Vcc & Vio mention the normal voltage at this situation, At that What time INH pin become low and condition? 
  • When the ECU sleep mode, the CAN transceiver is partial network how it will be detect and wake-up the transceiver?


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In TC397 Triboard, TLE9251 is used.



For other CAN transceiver,  the user should design the appropriate driver, sometimes SPI is used for configuration infomation.

The TLE9251 has stand-by mode, and can be activated by STB high level. The Stand-by mode is the power save mode of the TLE9251V. In Stand-by mode most of the functions are turned off and the TLE9251V is monitoring the bus for a valid wake-up pattern (WUP).  And of course, Stand-by mode can be disabled by pull down STB to GND.

Once WUP detected, the RXD will follow the CANH/L pin. The RXD is used to wake the Tricore to appropriate operations. Of course, if not use Stand-by mode, the transceiver still can wake up Tricore. At this scenario, the transceiver is in normal mode but the Tricore can be standby or sleep.