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Good Morning,

I'm fairly new to the Aurix boards environment. I've been tasked to create some small project that enables CAN communication between the board and an external device.
I've managed to find the HighTec free toolchain and some other tools, but I couldn't find any example or library related to the CAN module of the TC399 starter kit I'm currently using.

To make an example and clarification of what I'm searching for, I've found this repository for the TC2xx ( where there's both three examples regarding the CAN module and both, in the examples, a library useable for the CAN module.
Sadly, the CAN module for the TC2xx board was MULTICAN while in the TC3xx family it has been switched to MCMCAN, which makes the code not reusable as far as I understand.

Is it possible to find somewhere similar examples and / or libraries for the MCMCAN module or directly for the TC399 board?

Thanks in advance.
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If you have access to the user manual through the myInfineon Collaboration Platform, you should also be able to download the iLLD package, which includes a driver and example code for CAN. TC3xx / TC3xx General / Software Documentation / iLLD.