TC397 - Ethernet not working when internal loopback removed

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we are using the Triboard TC397 TH v 2.01.
we want to use the GEth driver.
We tested the driver in the default mode ( loop back mode was activated by default- both internal and RTL loopback.). We get the packets. We used the GETH demo to test. it worked.

Now, we want to get the physical interface up and running.
We are connecting RGMII interface, and we trying to switch off the loopback , both internal and also on the RTL 8211.
However we do not get any packets from the board or the board is not able to receive any packets.
we can see the Led blinking, indicating a possible transmission, but unable to get data on either side.

Any guidance highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi tripple A 🙂

yes the physical interface needs little bit attention.
Please could you therefore drop a snipped from your GEth schematics into the conversation?